The Botisimo 2021 Recap!

Post by
Jackson Bojanowski

With 2021 officially in the rearview mirror it is officailly time to reminisce on all of the new features, programs, partnerships, and miscellaneous Botsimo shenanigans that took place in the 21st year of the 21st century. We won't be going over the mountain of software improvements that took place over the year, we'd need to publish a book for that; we'll primarily be focusing on the significant community events, partnerships, and milestones for Botisimo. So, without further ado, let's turn back the clock and recall what made 2021 the awesome year that it was!

  • January
  • In January we officially integrated with Trovo! We are extraordinarily happy to be a vested member of the Torovo community and family. What will the green streaming platform accomplish in 2022? Only time will tell! 
  • They say teamwork makes the dream work. So, as big fans of making dreams work the Botisimo team set out to expand our tool-set for teams. In January of 2021 we saw the introduction of Team Campaigns! We have continued to iterate and improve our team campaigns, but it all started here!
  • February
  • Custom overlays for teams made their debut in February! Whether it be for an event, a contest, or a promotion, having the ability to create and apply a custom overlay across your team of creators has proven to be invaluable for our partners.
  • Support for Trovo on your Botisimo public page began in February, very nice!
  • March
  • The Botisimo public profiles and main navigation got a major overhaul in March, also very nice!
  • The extremely visually pleasing team-growth metrics were added in March of 2021! Man, is there anything better than a great looking pie chart? This update armed teams of creators with a mountain of cross-platform data that has made data-driven decision making at the organizational level substantially easier.
  • April
  • We officially launched our Botisimo Bits series in April! Whether it be tips, advice, or a product walkthrough, the Botisimo Bits series have been one of our favorite video series to date.
  • Post-stream stream reports made their debut in April! 
  • May
  • One new platform integration just wasn’t good enough for the Botisimo team, SO in May of 2021 we officially added Dlive to our list of compatible platforms!
  • Botisimo began accepting all major currencies in May of 2021, woohoo!
  • June
  • June marked the beginning of our partnership with Envy! Not only has this been incredible from a collaboration standpoint, but the Botisimo team was able to move our base of operations to the Envy HQ in downtown Dallas! (If you haven’t seen that place you’re missing out!)
  • Jackson Bojanowski (Yours truly) joined the Botisimo team in June! I may be biased, but he certainly seems to be doing a swell job.
  • The Summertime Giveaway took place in the sweltering month of June. We asked creators to submit their most creative uses for our tools; we really enjoyed hearing the incredible responses from you guys! Expect even more contests and giveaways in 2022!
  • July
  • The Botisimo team expanded even further in July with the addition of Kyle Ary! Kyle has been an invaluable asset when it comes to seeking and securing partnerships for Botisimo. Thank you for all you do Kyle!
  • Our inaugural episode of the “Behind the Stream” series took place this past July. We interviewed RageTrain, a rapidly growing Minecraft creator, and gained some valuable insight into his journey as a content creator.
  • August
  • August was one for the ages as it marked the inaugural month of the Botisimo Sponsorship Program. The BSP is incredibly important to our team as it allows us to not only provide our incredible service for free, but it also allows our creators to generate money from the program. Talk about a win-win!
  • September
  • While September marked the beginning of cooler weather in Texas, our Behind the Stream interview series was just starting to heat up! We interviewed Fighting Cowboy in the 9th month of the year. Cowboy is a veteran in the content creation space, if you have yet to see the interview you need to check it out.
  • Perhaps it wasn’t the most creative of naming schemes, but the “Fall Clip That! Competition” took place this past September. These contests are always a blast to judge & interact with, this one was no exception!
  • October
  • October provided us with a lot more than some healthy spooks, it also marked the beginning of our free membership! In addition to the arsenal of tools that Botisimo provides, it also allows creators to begin generating money from the BSP immediately. Woohoo!
  • November
  • There has certainly been some Botisimo merch created for the sake of various contests and giveaways, however, this past November was the first time that Botisimo merch was made widely available. 
  • The launch of Botisimo merch also spawned the creation of the Botisimo merch site! Keep your eyes peeled, there's no doubt we'll be doing additional releases in the future.
  • December
  • December saw a large number of sponsors join the Botisimo Sponsorship Program. We have no doubt that this trend will carry into 2022 and beyond.
  • The final month of 2021 also saw the complete visual overhaul of the Botisimo website! Needless to say, as 2021 came to a close we were lookin’ good.

2021 was a whirlwind of improvements, new programs, and ambitious projects. While we can’t tell the future per-say, we’re pretty confident that 2022 is going to be more of the same! We hope this past year was a good one for you and your stream, here's to an even better 2022!