September & October Updates

Post by
Jackson Bojanowski

The transition from summer to fall brought with it much more than cold weather & pumpkin themed Boti pics, the Botisimo team has been hard at work upgrading our tools and improving our brand new Sponsorship Program! You guys have provided us with outstanding feedback that has helped us immensely throughout these formative stages of the BSP; please keep that feedback coming! Here are a list of the highlights from the month of October:

  • Product Updates
  • Added a new spam filter for violence & threat detection (powered by
  • Added a chat monitor (Check it out!)
  • Added new setting to toggle on/off tweet reply announcements
  • Fixed issue with DLive streams not being detected for some creators
  • Fixed issue with event overlay not firing when Trovo spells are cast
  • Sponsorship Program Updates
  • Slate Milk joined the Sponsorship Network
  • The Botisimo Sponsorship Network has now delivered well over 1 million impressions!
  • Added performance metrics to the sponsorship dashboard for creators!
  • Launched a free version of Botisimo! (requires sponsorship program enrollment)
  • Media Updates
  • Jackson interviewed FightinCowboy in our latest edition of Behind the Stream!
  • We crowned our winners of the Fall Clip That Competition!

Let's get technical & start with the upgrades & fixes we've implemented in the past two months. Spam, fake accounts, and hate are unfortunately not new to the streaming world, however, there has been a noticeable rise in all of the above in recent months. As such, we have made it a focus to empower our streamers with additional tools and capabilities to curb this issue. In addition to adding a chat monitor to your dashboard we have also added the ability to toggle on a chat filter powered by Samurai Labs. You can turn this on in your Account Filters.

Furthermore, we have now added a setting to toggle on/off Discord announcements for Twitter replies. Promoting your Twitter in your Discord is fantastic, but your followers likely don't want to see all of your Twitter replies. No offense. Additionally, we squashed some bugs affecting our DLive and Trovo users, huzzah!

We have some very exciting news pertaining to the Sponsorship Program as well! First of all, we have introduced a free option of Botisimo membership for new members that opt into the Sponsorship Program. This free tier will not have access to custom bots & multi-platform support, however, the rest of the Botisimo tools will be at your disposal! If you are currently have a Botisimo subscription & would like to transfer to the free plan you can do so on the membership page.

From a numerical standpoint the BSP recently hit an impressive milestone, we have officially surpassed over 1 million impressions served through the program! It's achievements like this that will allow us to connect with more brands and provide you guys (the creators!) with more control over the partnerships you would like to have on your stream.

We have the tools behind the scene to track the progress of the program, but it's about time you have better tracking tools yourselves! Enter the new Sponsorship Performance Dashboard. This graph can be found on the Sponsorship tab of your dashboard, tracking your progress and success with colored lines has never been easier.

But wait, that's not all! We have partnered with Slate Milk as the latest addition to the sponsorship network! Their coffee/chocolate centric drinks are low sugar, caffeinated, high protein, and high in tasting-good. A very solid combination if we do say so ourselves, give their website a look!

In other news, we interviewed FightinCowboy in our latest episode of Behind the Stream! Cowboy has been creating content for over a decade & has a wealth of knowledge to offer content creators regardless of their expertise. In addition to the full interview you can expect additional articles taking a deeper dive into the advice & tidbits we gleamed from that interview soon, stay tuned!

We crowned three winners of the Clip That Competition in September! Our top three content creators were as follows:

Congrats guys!

That'll be all for this update, good luck and happy streaming!