November Updates

Post by
Jackson Bojanowski
  • Product Updates
  • Visual/navigation improvements have been made to Botisimo public pages
  • Images can now be added to accompany your spiffy shop items
  • We saw a substantial increase in Botisimo users over the course of November! Woohoo!
  • Sponsorship Program Updates
  • A multitude of new sponsors debuted in the Sponsorship Program!
  • The Sponsorship Program performance metrics have been outstanding
  • Media Updates
  • The “Behind the Stream” interview with FightinCowboy went live this month!
  • Should you be streaming multiple games? Check out the article to find out!
  • Botisimo dropped some merch, check it out!

The Botisimo team is placing a heavy emphasis on the loyalty/viewer interaction side of our tools. Improving the public page & adding the ability to include images in your shop is the tip of the iceberg in that respect. We are working to ensure that creativity is the only limiting factor when it comes to building out your brand with Botisimo’s tools. Expect many more updates in the coming months!

In numerical related news Botisimo experienced a 37% increase in sign ups for the month of November! The future is bright for this teal colored robot company.

To the surprise of no one the Botisimo Sponsorship Program has continued to grow at a rapid pace. Over the course of November we saw a number of sponsors debut, here are said brands:

There are a number of additional sponsors in the pipeline that will be making an appearance in the coming weeks and months! On a numerical note we have observed some outstanding results from the program to date. As described in our Sponsorship Program Fall Update blog the program has delivered well over 2 million impressions across our creator network and has generated a 1.1% click through rate. If you’re not familiar with marketing jargon that may not seem like a lot, but, for reference Google’s average click through rate is approximately 0.61% on their served ads. So, in non-marketing jargon we're kickin’ butt.

November was an exciting month from a content perspective as well! Our interview with FightinCowboy went live in our latest episode of “Behind the Stream”. Cowboy & Jackson discussed establishing routines as a content creator, the pros and cons of streaming a variety of titles vs. sticking to one game, and much more! Speaking of which, we published an article this month that sums up one of said topics, check it out if you're looking to improve your content strategy!

Coming in last for this update in fashionably late fashion is our new Botisimo merch!  Stay tuned to our socials, there may be more merch and sales on the horizon.

That’ll be all for this update, good luck and happy streaming!