New Consoles & Live Streaming Options

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Ricky Tran

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, and by that we mean the 2 biggest console releases come out this week.

The Xbox Series X|S is coming out on November 10th and the Playstation 5 shortly after on November 12th.

Let’s dive into each console and what options are available to live stream your gameplay.

Stream directly from your Xbox Series X|S or PS5

Xbox Series X|S

Twitch will once again be available for streaming directly from your Xbox X|S. You will be familiar with this option if you have ever streamed before on Xbox. All you need to do is download the Twitch app in order to share your gameplay for everyone to watch and enjoy alongside with you.

Playstation 5

The share button will be making its appearance on your PS controllers, but it won’t be called the “Share” button any longer. They may have changed the button’s name from “Share” to “Create”, but the general streaming functionality from the PS4 will carry over to the PS5. Just select Twitch and login with your account to start broadcasting.

PC and Console Streaming

For those with deeper pockets, you have the option to stream your gameplay from a PC. It requires not only a PC, but a purchase of an internal or external capture card. If you have the funds, this will be your premium option in order to live stream your console gameplay. You will need to hook up your Playstation or Xbox to the Capture Card and the PC. Another application will need to be involved such as OBS Studio, Gamecaster, or Streamlabs OBS.

Stream with Lightstream

Lightstream is a cloud solution that allows you to stream your gameplay and personalize them with overlays, alerts, and integrations with services such as yours truly, Botisimo.

There is an integration with Xbox and Playstation so that you can level up your streams to make it look like you’re a professional streamer. If you’re on a budget, or you hate a ton of cables around your media station at home, this is a great option for you. This is the go-to service to stream like the big names on Twitch without the cost of a 2k rig.

This sums up the various options available to live stream your game play. 

Live streaming your game play is easier than ever and regardless of what option you go with, know that Botisimo is always there to help engage your chat.