Multi-Platform Roundup (April 15)

Post by
Oscar Armstrong

We spend a lot of time keeping up with what's going on in the news and under the hood of all these streaming and chat platforms. So, it only makes sense that we start putting out a Multi-Platform Roundup where we share some of the recent things that happened with Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, etc. and also pepper in some of our own opinions about those things. Should be a fun journey, let's get to it!


If you love knowing how things work under the hood and are curious about the kinds of problems faced when building a platform like Twitch, read their 2 part blog on their migration from a Ruby on Rails Monolith to Go Microservices.


Coachella is coming! For those of us who won’t be making it out to the desert and instead prefer the comfort of our own home, we can watch it live on YouTube.


App version v1.31 is now available and brings support for Snapchat profile links and “auto” resolution mode when watching streams on a mobile device.


Discord Nitro users will now get 3 months of Picsart Gold membership. Picsart is a super powerful tool set for editing and manipulating photos and videos on desktop and mobile. If you are a Nitro user, this could be a great tool for creating custom alerts for your stream overlay!


We’d like to introduce you to the new kid on the block, Brime! We have started work on Brime integration and expect to have something stable in the coming weeks.


Facebook announced the release of a built in chat bot available for Facebook Gaming partners only. Womp womp. Facebook continues to build a creator platform that makes integration by 3rd parties difficult and keeps all of your data and tools under their roof.