March Through May Updates

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Elise Armstrong
  • Freshened up the website (new multi-platform Boti image and tagline)
  • Add QR Code support to team overlays
  • Freshened up the public profile to show avatar and page titles
  • Release DLive integration
  • Added growth metrics to dashboard for teams
  • Add support for facebook page moderators
  • Added Chatcloud that highlights popular words from recent chat activity
  • Added Instagram stats to team dashboard
  • Added Shopify integration for team accounts
  • Added support for announcing new tweets in Discord
  • Organized and consolidated the navigation
  • Started Botisimo Bits video series
Boti Hero Multi-platform Ultimate Livestream Sidekick

Here are some of the things Botisimo did to wrap up spring! We freshened up our website to highlight our multi-platform capabilities with a new Boti image and tagline. Botisimo is the ultimate livestream sidekick. We know it, you know it, tell your friends about it. (Plug: Don’t forget about our referral program!)

 Team Stream Overlay | QR Code Support

Our dev team added QR Code support to our team overlays. Now, using our team overlay one-stop configuration, teams can add QR codes to engage their viewers and drive traffic to their team or sponsor’s websites.

Your public profiles also got some upgrades in March. Boost your brand with your streaming avatar and navigate easily with page title headers. Our Facebook integration has also been updated and we now honor Facebook moderator settings!

Botisimo DLive Integration Example

Another month, another platform expansion. Botisimo now supports DLive. DLive’s website states, “The mission of DLive is to create a value sharing live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system. At DLive, we are changing the whole game by putting platform ownership in the hands of the users through blockchain technology.” Welcome, DLive!

Team Growth Metrics Dashboard Example

How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you’ve been? Team growth metrics and analytics now available on the team dashboard. Easily view your team’s streaming data in a dynamic graph that can break out your progress by platform.

Botisimo Chat Cloud Example

What’s everyone talking about??? The Botisimo dashboard now includes an automated Chat cloud analysis. It highlights the most popular words used from your latest stream’s chat activity in a word cloud format

We started strong in Q2 by incorporating more social media streamline features. We added Instagram stats into the team dashboard and added support for announcing new tweets into Discord. Our team accounts now have Shopify integration!

Botisimo navigation upgrade example

We hope you’ve noticed our navigation bar has been renovated to be more consolidated and organized. Each drop down menu item includes relevant features so you can make sure you are utilizing all the tools in each category.

Introducing our new Botisimo Bits video series! Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing how-to and helpful videos on our Youtube page: Make sure you are subscribed to our channel to never miss a new video.

June is already off to a great start and we can’t wait to share more of our newest updates!