January 2021 Roundup

Post by
Elise Armstrong

With the first month of 2021 already in the books, it is time for some more feature announcements. Here is what we have been up to at Botisimo…

We have expanded our platforms! …Again! We’re excited to announce that Botisimo now supports Trovo. Trovo is an emerging and exploding live streaming platform that has a strong focus on community. If you’re thinking about using Trovo, never fear; you can take all of Botisimo’s tools and support with you!

Not interested in seeing your disabled commands or timers? We added a handy new filter to hide the commands and timers that you aren’t currently using. This helps keep your management interfaces organized and easy to navigate when you are live!

TEAM CAMPAIGNS ARE HERE! Okay, sorry for yelling, but this is huge. You all know about our Team Support we rolled out last year which makes it so easy to manage your entire team from a one stop dashboard. Team Campaigns allow you to market your team or business through a variety of tools Botisimo has to offer, while it simultaneously measures engagement, analyzes impressions, and provides vital conversion data. It has never been more important to truly connect with your audience and build those relationships that keep your supporters coming back stream after stream.

Learn more about Campaigns for Teams by reading our blog post from earlier this month!


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