Introducing the Botisimo Sponsorship Program!

Post by
Jackson Bojanowski

The Botisimo Team is extremely excited to launch our new ambitious program that will enable powerful & seamless relationships between advertisers and streamers. Enter the Botisimo Sponsorship Program! In short, this system will allow for qualified creators to connect & partner with a selection of advertisers from within our vetted sponsor network. The specifics of this program are fluid and subject to change, however, as it stands the following metrics must be met in order to qualify for a sponsorship.

Botisimo's Sponsorship Dashboard
Dashboard that displays KPIs for creators
  • Must be a current Botisimo member
  • Stream at least 15 hours per month while using Botisimo
  • Have an average of at least 10 concurrent viewers
  • Must enable VOD recordings on your streaming platform(s)
  • Must display the sponsor’s overlay on your stream in a clearly visible and tasteful manner
  • Must agree to the Botisimo terms and conditions

The original concept for this idea stemmed from the search for a solution to a prevalent problem across all SAAS subscription services; it can be difficult to justify subscribing to a service that does not provide an immediate return. So, we decided to create an opportunity for streamers to not only offset the cost of their subscription, but to generate additional revenue for their hobby or business as well.

This service will continue to improve as we partner with additional advertisers & generate additional participation from our existing Botisimo subscribers. If you are interested in participating in this program as an advertiser please feel free to reach out!

Alternatively, if you are a creator there is no better time to sign up! As of publishing this article we are offering 3 free months of Botisimo membership when you opt into the sponsorship program. So, what are you waiting for?!