Introducing Botisimo Livestream Campaigns for Teams!

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Jeff Hedge

Botisimo Introduces New Team Campaigns Product for Esports Teams, Brands, and Businesses

Botisimo has become one of the top choices as a bot service for streamers across the globe due to our early creation of cross-platform capability. Management of chat using one resource that covered Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Discord made for an indispensable tool as our customers grew their streaming audiences.

As more and more streamers began using our tools, we discovered a large number of our customers were teams and businesses, both of which were benefiting from the cross-platform power of Botisimo. Upon meeting with a wide range of these customers, we identified ways we could modify our products in new ways that could benefit them even more. So, we went to work.

Today, after a successful closed-beta, we’re releasing the results of that work: BOTISIMO FOR TEAMS AND BUSINESS.

The highlight to this new release is the ability for esports teams and businesses to create TEAM CAMPAIGNS, a combining of key Botisimo features that are run similar to a Twitter ad campaign.

With TEAM CAMPAIGNS, Botisimo business customers can create a series of custom commands and timers which tie together with our poll, giveaway, and donation products. Combined, these automated chats post simultaneously across Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live and Facebook Gaming, Trovo, Discord, and Slack under your teams custom bot - for all members of your team who are streaming.

One team management console to run an entire team’s chat across all platforms - with a wealth of data to gain from both streamers and viewers.

Esports teams worldwide are already digging into the myriad creative marketing and audience engagement strategies that can be served with Botisimo’s TEAM CAMPAIGNS.

Team Managers and brands that stream: Reach out for a demo on how TEAM CAMPAIGNS can impact your audience - and how the full force of Botisimo can help manage your team chats across all platforms.

Learn more at or schedule a demo