Influencer Marketing Gains Ground As Privacy Tools Continue to Limit Digital Marketing

Post by
Jackson Bojanowski

Email marketing has historically been the weapon of choice when it comes to brands spending their hard earned marketing dollars. Previously unparalleled ROIs have allowed the medium to maintain a firm grip on the marketing-throne. Despite this historical dominance, recent privacy changes to Apple’s Mail app have drastically altered the ways email marketers can effectively collect data and assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. According to Litmus 52% of emails are opened with an Apple device, therefore it’s not unrealistic to expect that email open rates are going to become unreliable and potentially unusable  as a marketing metric going forward.

So, where does Botisimo and influencer marketing fit into this equation? Will DeKrey, a Group Product Manager at Hubspot, explains the situation extremely well in an article detailing the repercussions of this Apple update . “This means that each individual company, large or small, will need to get better and better at building trusted relationships with their audience, earning the right to learn who they are and what they're interested in.”  Botisimo was created and designed with the intent of providing authentic creators & brands with the tools required to succeed in the live-streaming space. Our recent addition of the Botisimo Sponsorship Program has been our first foray into the world of digital advertising; it was immediately clear to us that influencer marketing is an incredibly powerful and underutilized tool for a variety of reasons.

  • Authenticity takes a significant amount of time and effort to amass for brands and content creators alike. Influencer marketing allows brands to rapidly amass credibility by affiliating with established content creators.
  • Content creators are branding and advertising professionals in their own right. Every stream and content piece is another exercise in selling their own brand and personal likeness. These are fantastic partners to have when creating and promoting ads for your brand (This is particularly true for smaller brands with fewer marketing resources)
  • Consumer distrust is a commonly discussed topic in advertising, one solution that we have observed to be very effective is the demonstration of an authentic interest and support in a niche genre. A prime example of this action in practice would be the ongoing relationship between Envy and Jack in the Box. Adrienne Ingoldt, the Chief Brand and Experience Officer with Jack in the Box, described the reasoning behind their efforts as such:

    “When we first partnered with Envy Gaming in 2017, our main goal was to authentically connect with gaming culture in ways no other restaurant had. We dove headfirst into the partnership, making it a pillar of our digital and social efforts. “Now, three years later, we see Envy Gaming as a long-standing partner that we love to work with. Their team has helped us identify unique, real, and brand-relevant ways to connect with the gaming community, while breaking through the clutter. We look forward to another awesome year!”

There has been a clear reverberation from the streaming, gaming, and esports community when it comes to consistent and high-effort interaction with consumers. This is demonstrable by not only Envy and Jack and the Box, but also GFuel, Manscaped, and NordVPN to name a few. 

So, is this the end for email marketing as we know it? Is influencer marketing going to rapidly ascend to the proverbial marketing throne? Not quite. While the future of email marketing is significantly less clear with the increasingly frequent updates to consumer privacy, the medium’s global market size was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase to $17.9 billion in 2027. Alternatively, the global influencer market size more than doubled since 2019. In 2021 the market was valued at an impressive $13.8 billion USD.

Thinking about joining the fray of influencer marketing? Botisimo’s Sponsorship Program is a fantastic way to dip your feet into the world of this new marketing medium. If you have a product or service that you feel would benefit from uniquely reaching consumers on livestream platforms like Twitch, Youtube, Torovo, and Facebook, give us a shout! Otherwise, there are a number of platforms and agencies that can get you started in your influencer marketing endeavors. Good luck!