February 2021 Roundup

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Elise Armstrong

Even though February was short and sweet and we almost froze our bots off down here in Texas, we were hard at work pushing some exciting updates out to our streamers.

Follower Only Giveaways & Polls

Polls and Giveaways are a huge hit when it comes to engaging your audience and adding that extra piece of flare into your viewer experience. Now you have the option to limit poll and giveaway participation to followers only. Reward your loyal followers with exclusive polls and giveaways just for them! We also added interval participation to limit how many times a day, week, month, etc. someone can enter a giveaway.

Public Profile Trovo Support

Are you utilizing your Public Page? There are lots of cool ways to make the most out of this feature! See what your viewers see when you are live by easily toggling back and forth between platforms. Quickly access your leaderboard, polls, giveaways, and your music player. Share your public page link with viewers to watch your stream directly from the Botisimo website! With our recent Trovo rollout, we made sure the expanded platform was included. Welcome to the public page party, Trovo!

Custom Team Overlays

As more Esports teams enlist Botisimo, we are continuously innovating ways to make team branding and marketing more efficient so teams can let their players do what they do best…. win. Introducing custom overlays for teams! Our new cloud-based stream overlay studio allows you to build your own custom overlays that you can share with your entire team. Make changes and updates to your overlays from a centralized location so you don’t have to coordinate these changes with your creators. Stop wasting time getting your team on the same “page” and spend those hours streaming content!

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