December 2020 Roundup

Post by
Elise Armstrong

2020 brought along extraordinary challenges that pushed us all to utilize online streaming to connect to others more than ever. At Botisimo, we are grateful to be part of this once industry turned community. To close out 2020, we added some cool new features and amped up some existing ones to help set Botisimo's streamers up for the New Year.

  • Our Referral program is live! Give your own unique referral link (find it on your Settings page!) to others interested in Botisimo and we will send you free stuff. 5 referrals and we will send you a free T-shirt. 15 referrals, a hat. At 30 referrals, you get a Botisimo hoodie and become an official Botisimo Ambassador where you can earn straight $$$!
  • The much-anticipated Team support is rolled out! Our team management console is an easy-to-use interface to invite, edit, and control team member accounts down to every detail. Use the Campaign feature to create, launch, and manage live stream campaigns and we supply you with data on how your campaign is performing. Set up commands, giveaways, timers, polls and more through your team console to run on each individual team member's channel. It's that simple.
  • We upgraded the Account Dashboard to be more functional for the live streamer. We tried to keep in mind what streamers need while they are live and interacting with viewers. You will find polls, music, and giveaways on the top and all the helpful post stream data towards the bottom. Maybe you are ready to take your stream to the next level, but you aren't sure what's missing. The Account Dashboard is a great place to start.
  • You asked, we listened! We added an option in our polls and giveaways to require a viewer to be following your channel to participate in these fun extras.
  • Our website got a makeover and Boti has moved in. More on him later but isn't he great? We updated our Membership levels to provide one super feature packed subscription for the individual streamer. We added a huge annual payment discount (50%!) and we expanded our Business and Enterprise subscriptions.
  • We did some fun giveaways this year and had some opportunities to hear from you. Feature requests are a great way to let us know what you're looking for in a chat bot:

Our support team is available to assist you LIVE M-F 12pm-8pm or contact us anytime at

2021, we are coming for you!

Wishing you all nothing but the best in this New Year!