Botisimo Sponsorship Program: Fall Update

Post by
Jackson Bojanowski

Partnerships between streamers & brands were and are currently a lofty goal for the majority of content creators. It’s become clear to the Botisimo team that there are steps missing on the staircase to success as a streamer; enter The Botisimo Sponsorship Program! 

The Botisimo sponsor network allows creators to partner with brands & serve non-intrusive ads through a browser source overlay on their stream. In addition to the supplemental income that is generated from this partnership, streamers also have access to analytical dashboards that allow for improved decision making and performance analysis. This program will introduce streamers to cornerstone marketing concepts that will aid them on their journey to a more successful and fruitful career in the content creation industry.

Over the past 3 months we have had the privilege of working with a number of sponsors from both gaming/streaming endemic and non-endemic backgrounds. Thus far the following brands have served ads through the Botisimo sponsorship program:

To date we have served well over 2 million impressions across our creator network; through said impression total we observed a 1.1% click through rate. That percentage represents a nearly 60% improvement over Google’s average click through rates. The BSP will improve even further as we continue to onboard additional creators and sponsors. We’re extraordinarily excited to see how this program shakes up the world of streamer-brand relationships. Only time will tell!