4 Pillars Of A Strong Livestream Community

Post by
Oscar Armstrong

Looking to build a strong livestream community? Use these 4 pillars to support your efforts and your fanbase.

1. Create a Discord server

Live streaming is a great way to entertain and interact with your community in real-time. But what about when you're not streaming? Discord is a chat application that helps your community have organized conversations, share media, and coordinate with each other outside of your stream. Consider teaming up with other like-minded streamers to create 1 Discord server for all of your streams and build your community together.

2. Use a loyalty point system

A loyalty point system is a system that credits your viewers and chatters with points based on their participation. Loyalty points are often used to gamify your chat and keep viewers coming back to earn more.

3. Create YouTube content

It's tough getting discovered on a live streaming platform like Twitch. You can only stream for a limited number of hours per day. But on YouTube, your content can be discovered 24/7. Consistently creating valuable content on YouTube is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your live streams. A simple starting point for creating YouTube content is recording your live streams and slicing them into smaller clips. Consider adding sounds effects, gifs, and commentary for extra entertainment value.

4. Use social media

Use social media to promote your YouTube content, engage with like-minded streamers, and let people know you are going live. But social media isn't just for promotion, use social media to observe trends and keep up with current events in your niche. If you play Fortnite then you should probably be paying attention to @FortniteGame and @EpicGames Twitter accounts.

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