Botisimo is now a division of OpTic Gaming

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About 18 months ago, Envy Gaming now turned OpTic Gaming, made a small investment into Botisimo. Today, the Botisimo team is proud to announce that we have doubled down on our Dallas roots and have been fully acquired by OpTic Gaming! We’re thrilled to be a part of a diverse and unique organization like the #GreenWall and can’t wait to build new ways to engage with esports fans all over the world. With our tech and OpTic’s knowledge of the esports and content space, we’ll be rolling out some of the most value driven tools that esports fans and content creators have ever seen.

So, what does this mean for current Botisimo users?

Well, really nothing! Botisimo will continue to roll out unique and valuable features exclusive to our platform, as well as start building new experiences for the Optic community as well. This acquisition will enable us to leverage the resources provided by OpTic and roll out features quicker than ever.

In the meantime, here’s the things YOU should do:

  • Sign up for Botisimo! If you’re a creator with 10 viewers or 10,000 viewers, Botisimo offers a suite of tools that can help you grow your audience and supercharge your stream.
  • Join our community Discord! This where you’ll hear about all the new features we intend to roll out, plus we have an amazing community of creators looking to assist others in their journey of being a content creator.
  • Follow the OpTic Gaming socials! We have some SUPER unique features we plan on releasing in the very NEAR future.

The future of esports and content creation is bright at Botisimo. We appreciate every single creator and individual who have supported us through the years, and we look forward to assisting you even more in the near future.

- The Botisimo Team

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