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Add AI to Your Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Discord Chats with Botisimo

In today's digital world, interactive chat experiences are crucial for content creators and community managers. To add a touch of artificial intelligence (AI) magic to your Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Discord chats, Botisimo comes to the rescue. This powerful chatbot platform offers an array of features, including the ability to generate AI responses. In this blog post, we'll explore how you can leverage Botisimo to unlock AI functionality and engage your audience like never before.

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How Botisimo is Simplifying Livestream Sponsorships in 2023

As a content creator, you know how challenging it can be to find brand partnerships that fit your niche and target audience. While some creators may be fortunate enough to catch the attention of big brands like Dunkin' Donuts or Jack Links, most of us struggle to secure sponsorship deals that can help us monetize our content and grow our brand.

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Stream with Confidence: How Botisimo's AI-Powered Chatbot Protects You and Your Community

As a streamer, monitoring chat can be a time-consuming and stressful task. It's important to keep your chat clean and engaging, but spending too much time moderating can take away from the overall streaming experience. That's where Botisimo's AI-powered chatbot comes in - it allows you to feel confident that your chat is being moderated without having to constantly monitor it yourself.

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How to Boost Viewer Engagement with Botisimo's Cross-Platform Loyalty Points

As a streamer, you know that engaging with your viewers is key to building a loyal community and growing your channel. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using loyalty points, which let viewers earn rewards for participating in your stream. And with Botisimo's cross-platform loyalty points, viewers can earn points everywhere they engage with you, no matter which platform they're on.

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Botisimo logo + OpTic Gaming logo

Botisimo is now a division of OpTic Gaming

About 18 months ago, Envy Gaming now turned OpTic Gaming, made a small investment into Botisimo. Today, the Botisimo team is proud to announce that we have doubled down on our Dallas roots and have been fully acquired by OpTic Gaming! We’re thrilled to be a part of a diverse and unique organization like the #GreenWall and can’t wait to build new ways to engage with esports fans all over the world. With our tech and OpTic’s knowledge of the esports and content space, we’ll be rolling out some of the most value driven tools that esports fans and content creators have ever seen.

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Botisimo mascot looking over computer monitors

How to get sponsors for your stream in 2022

What could be better than getting paid while doing what you love? Partnering with brands can provide a plethora of benefits for the content creator. However, with millions of streamers across a multitude of platforms all vying for the attention of both viewers & brands it can be difficult to identify a strategy or starting point.

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